Aeration Systems


Why Aerate? Bottom or diffused lake & pond aeration systems are the most cost-effective 'GREEN' solution to increase dissolved oxygen, water quality, and water circulation. Bottom aeration not only provides oxygenated water for your fish, but it also works to turn the bottom of your pond into a massive bio-filter, growing large populations of beneficial bacteria that create a healthier and more balanced aquatic ecosystem. 

When the increase of beneficial bacteria occurs, algae and other nuisance aquatic growth will have reduced nutrients to feed off of. Accumulated organic bottom sludge or 'Pond Muck' is further digested, naturally, removing the source of nutrients that fuel murky waters and algae vegetation blooms. 

Diffused aeration systems work by creating a massive column of tiny bubbles surging up through the water column, pushing bottom water to the surface. This is also where oxygen diffusion into the water takes place. Water turnover is the foundation of any aeration system, and the rate of water turnover that is created by an aeration system is what sets it apart.

Not sure what aerator will work best for your pond or lake? Call or email us. We offer a free service to provide you with the perfect sized aeration system and can even custom design systems for any size pond or lake.