Aerators for ponds 3 acres or larger

Mechanical Diffused/Bottom Aeration is the most effective way to aerate ponds or lakes. Diffused Aeration Systems create a vertical current throughout the water body by using the rising force of millions of microbubbles.  This mixing action increases oxygen transfer from the oxygen-rich surface water to the oxygen-depleted pond bottom water. 

The added oxygen promotes natural bacteria growth which helps speed up the break down of organic waste in the water column and in the bottom sediment.  It also lowers algae feeding nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen as well as eliminates thermal stratification and expands fish habitat.

Finding the right size of the aeration system you need for a waterbody can be confusing. Especially when it comes to larger ponds or lakes. The shape, size, and different depths of your pond will determine what system will work best and give you the results you are are looking for.  Our Aeration Specialist can provide you with a custom mapping design, calculations, and equipment installation guides all free of charge!