Muck Reducers & Water Clarifiers

Natural Water Treatment

As ponds and lakes age, organic sediment (Pond Muck) can build up and your water can become very murky or cloudy due to suspended organic particles. Whether the sediment is naturally occuring from decaying vegetation, fish waste, natural runoff or introduced from human activity, it can become problematic in an aquatic environment. This accumulation of sediment, or 'Muck', can have multiple negative affects, such as increased algae blooms, excessive vegetation growth and turbid or murky water, just to name a few. With higher levels of organic and nutrient waste in a water body, aquatic vegetation can become very problematic, to the point where it will deter the recreational usage of the pond or lake. Water clarity can become reduced to little or none, and aquatic vegetation can become difficult to manage with traditional methods.

The build up of sediment or muck can be compared to garden compost. It is very nutrient rich, working as a fertilizer for your pond. Something that is not welcomed in any recreational water body.

By reducing the amount of sediment in a water body, you will turn back time and rejuvenate the life cycle of your pond or lake.

Pond Biologics® line of natural water treatments is made of naturally occuring beneficial microogranisms and bacteria, but in a highly concentrated formula. These beneficial organisms naturally reduce organic sediment through digestion, creating a cleaner and healthier aquatic ecosystem.