L.S.C.™ Muck Reducer & Water Clarifier

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L.S.C.™ Muck Reducer and Water Clarifier reduces up to 12+ inches of MUCK within one season! 
L.S.C.™ (Liquid Super Concentrate) is a highly concentrated active liquid culture designed to enhance biological degradation and reduction of organic matter, resulting in improved water quality, clarity, and decrease in sediment. 
L.S.C.™ can be used in earth bottom farm ponds, lakes, water gardens, ornamental ponds, wastewater lagoons and more. 
  • L.S.C.™ has the highest concentration of beneficial bacteria available today, guaranteed! 
  • Apply to water temperatures as low as 38˚ F
  • L.S.C.™ is not a chemical.  It is safe for humans, livestock, pets, fish, and agricultural waterways.  No water use restrictions. 
  • Combine Pond Biologics® Products and L.S.C.™ for clear water, reduced organic sediment (muck), and fast results! 


Available in 1 and 2.5-gallon containers
(Please see Technical Specifications for additional information)




Application Rate:


Initial treatment, 1st month 18 oz  treats up to 1 surface acre
Secondary treatment, 2nd month 18 oz treats up to 1 surface acre
Monthly treatments  9 oz treats up to 1 surface acre


Directions for use: 

Shake well before use. Mix product in a separate container with pond water, stir for approximately 3 minutes . Pour or spray mixture directly around the perimeter of the pond or lake.  L.C.S. will spread throughout the water body on its own, breaking down organic debris and pond muck.

L.C.S. has a two-year shelf life

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