Aerators up to 2 acres

During the summer months, when water is warm, oxygen can be consumed faster than it can be replenished. Ponds and lakes can become "stratified", with warmer oxygen-rich water laying on top of the cool, oxygen-depleted water that is found at the bottom of a water body.

Such conditions inhibit the function of beneficial bacteria and their breakdown of accumulated organics, or 'Pond Muck.' Accumulation of organic sediment (muck) increases and adds excessive nutrients for plants and algae to grow. This thermal stratification also makes conditions favorable for the production of noxious ammonia and hydrogen sulfide gases, giving some water bodies a not-so-pleasant rotten egg odor.

Diffused Aeration Systems create a vertical current throughout the water body, using the rising force of millions of small bubbles, "turning the water body over" and allowing oxygen to be diffused or absorbed into the water at the surface.

By moving the lower oxygen depleted water from the bottom to the surface, the thermal stratification will be eliminated and oxygen levels throughout the water column will increase as will the function of beneficial microorganisims and bacteria. Swings in oxygen levels will be stabilized, preventing fish kills and creating a healthier aquatic environment for everything living in your pond or lake.

If you are unsure which system will work best, or need a system custom designed to the specific shape or size of your pond or lake, do not hesitate to contact us. We offer free system designs that provide you with equipment specifications, layout maps for installation and water turnover calculations to show how Vertex® Aeration Systems outperform every other brand on the market!