Barley Straw

Nature's cure for chemical free algae control

Barley Straw does not kill algae, it just slows the growth of algal cells without effecting higher plants, fish, frogs, snails, turtles and waterfowl.

When is the best time to start using barley straw?

Barley straw is an algae preventative. It is best to start putting it in the pond before algae starts growing rapidly. What is the second best time to put barley straw in my pond? When you really need it. When the water is pea green and/or green scummy stuff is floating on the top. It will take longer to work if there is already an algae problem, but it will work in a few weeks. When algae are already a problem, the straw will prevent new algae from growing but you will have to wait for the existing algae to die of ''old age'' which is usually several weeks.

Why should I use barley straw for algae control?

Barley straw is non-toxic, inexpensive, long lasting, low maintenance, has beneficial effects, and best of all, it works. Barley straw is not harmful to other water plants, fish, frogs, snails, ducks, horses, swimming dogs or kids.

How does barley straw work?

It is believed that the barley straw’s high lignin content provides a food source for beneficial bacteria that block the growth of algal cells. So, it does not kill algae, or anything else. It merely blocks the growth and multiplication of algae cells.