Kasco® Robust-Aire™ RA2 Diffused Aeration System

  • $2,403.00

Kasco® Robust-Aire™ RA2 are highly efficient, reliable, and durable aeration systems that induce oxygen transfer, beneficial water movement and mixing to ponds up to 3 Acres, 8 to 50 feet deep. 

Installation is quick and easy. These systems come complete with everything you need, including all connectors, adapter fittings, weighted aeration tubing, and three options for enclosures.

Base Mount Cabinet
The compressor can be on the ground with access to ventilation from below. The powder-coated aluminum cabinet includes a cooling fan that provides 110 CFM ventilation, acoustical foam, key lock, and 120-V receptacle or a 240-V junction box.  Dimensions are 24" x 18" x 20" H. Base Mount Cabinets ship motor freight only. 

Post Mount Cabinet (PM)
Great choice if the compressor needs to be off the ground. The powder-coated aluminum cabinet includes a cooling fan that provides 110 CFM ventilation, acoustical foam, key lock, and 120-V receptacle or a 240-V junction box. Dimensions are 19" x 12" x 12" H

No Cabinet (NC)
This is desired when installing a compressor in your own structure. A galvanized mounting bracket system is included with each compressor to allow mounting to a floor, wall, or pedestal.  Rubber mounting feet and all hardware are included. A cooling fan and bracket that attaches to the mounting bracket supply direct ventilation of the compressor.
  • 1/4 hp single piston Teich-Aire™ compressor  
  • Two diffusers assemblies
  • Two 100 ft rolls of 3/8" ID Self-Weighted Aerator Supply Line
  • Quiet operation; 70dB without a cabinet (air conditioner), 65 with cabinet (normal conversation)
  • No electricity in the water
  • No equipment floating on or near the surface
  • Designed and built for continuous operation
  • Low maintenance rocking-piston compressor
  • Compressor Cabinet can be remotely installed 

Robust-Aire Diffusers Assembly is designed to provide a fine air bubble with the least amount of pressure. They are self-weighted with a stainless-steel base that lands upright every time. 

Safety Tested; compressor ETL listed to UL and CSA Standards

Backed by a 2-year warranty

If you want industry-leading efficiency and effectiveness in your diffused aeration system, Kasco has the solutions you need!

Benefits of Robust-Aire™

  • Easy to install, use, and maintain
  • Creates open water to prevent ice damage to docks and boats
  • Can be installed distant from power
  • Eliminates thermal and chemical stratification
  • Increases oxidation at bottom to speed up organic decomposition
  • Expands fish habitat

Robust-Aire SystemCompressor hp

Pond Size (Surface Acres)

Number of Diffusers Assembly

Amps 120V/240V

CFM at 10 Psi

3/8" Weighted Aeration Tubing

RA21/4 hpUp to 322.5/1.23.2200 feet