The Benefits of Pond Dyes

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There are many benefits to using Lake and Pond Dye, besides enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your pond or lake. Water bodies often experience algae blooms during the spring and fall seasons when the weather changes. The sudden appearance of algae growth occurs when the temperature changes stir the water, sometimes bringing up sediments from the bottom and releasing nutrients into the water column. This turnover process is normal but can cause your lake or pond to turn green or brownish green during these times.

This algae bloom is usually short-lived, and the water clears up in a few weeks if additional nutrients are not added to the water system. However, if nutrients are continuously entering the water, the blooms may persist throughout the summer months or even throughout the Winter months.

The addition of an aquatic lake or pond dye to the water can help stunt excessive algae growth. Pond Dyes filter out sunlight preventing it from penetrating to the lower layers of the pond where aquatic weeds and algae need UV rays to create photosynthesis and grow.

Pond Dyes are found to be most effective preventing filamentous and blue-green algae growth. Pond dyes contain colorants that are similar to food dyes and are completely safe for use and carry no water use restrictions.

Aquatic dyes are not herbicides; therefore, they do not kill plants already present in your pond or lake.

Pond Dyes are ideal during the spring when pond plants have not grown or are at their earliest stages of growth.  

Still Pond Farm offers three aesthetically pleasing dye colors: A natural blue (Blue Wing), a straight black (Sweet Water) and deep midnight blue (Blue Kuro). All of our dyes are available in extreme super concentrated quarts and water soluble toss packets.

Blue Wing™ consists of a straight, natural blue water pond dye.

Blue Kuro™ is a blend of black and blue water dyes that create a rich, deep midnight blue color.

Sweet Water™ black pond dye brings out the reflecting characteristics of a pond by creating a mirrored reflective effect.

Pond Biologics® Highly Concentrated Pond Dyes are 100% soluble for consistent color throughout the water.

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