Green Clean Algaecide for Koi Ponds

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With a little bit of time and effort, maintaining a beautiful Koi Pond is fairly easy to accomplish. Koi Fish need a good supply of oxygen, high-quality food, an efficient filtration system, and enough volume of water to support their size. Despite most efforts and good management, Koi ponds will experience algae blooms from time to time.

Koi Fish are very sensitive to copper based algaecides and some other algae control products too.  Green Clean Granular and Green Clean FX Liquid use a unique activated peroxide formula designed for use in ponds that contain Koi, other ornamental fish and decorative aquatic plants.

Green Clean (Granular) controls string algae in ponds, waterfalls and streams on contact. You can see it start to work immediately. It also releases vital oxygen into the water as it biodegrades.

  • Recommended Application Rate: 1lb treats 1,000 gallons of water.
  • Apply in the morning hours of a calm sunny day when water temperatures are at least 50˚ F or warmer.
  • Turn off water circulations pumps (for waterfalls or streams)
  • Apply product to algae covered rocks or streams. Green Clean will kill and break up the algae on contact.f
  • Turn water circulation back on after 20-30 minutes.
  • Skim dead algae and organic matter that rises to the surface after treatment.
  • Areas with heavy algae growth might need more than one treatment. Allow a few days between treatments.

Green Clean FX (Liquid) suppresses, controls and prevents string, filamentous and planktonic algae even in deeper waters. Green Clean FX runs through the water system removing algae throughout, and works even in cooler water, making it ideal for pond openings. Green Clean FX will not lead to an increase in water pH.

  • Recommended Application Rate for Algae Treatment 4 fl oz. treats 500 gallons of water. For Algae Prevention 2 fl oz. treats 500 gallons of water every 7 days.
  • Mix Green Clean FX with pond water and pour it directly into the pond
  • Apply in areas with water movement to ensure adequate mixing.
  • Do not shut off water circulation pumps or aeration equipment for at least 48 hours.
  • Skim dead algae and organic matter that rises to the surface after treatment
  • Re-treat heavy algae growth or if re-grow begins to appear. Allow a few days between treatments.

Green Clean Algaecides are EPA Registered and safe for fish, birds, Pets and Aquatic Plants.

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