Vertex XL5 AirStation

Vertex XL5 AirStation

  • $603.00

Vertex®, XL5™ Self Sinking AirStation™ has a Vacuum-formed HDPE base, spot-welded for unit integrity. Hollow chamber design for the addition of gravel ballast. 

The XL5 AirStation™ includes five CoActive, self-cleaning disc diffusers made of EPDM compound with 100% rebound memory. 

  • Flexible, long-wearing and clog-resistant 9" disc membrane diffuser
  • Diffusers are highly efficient even during low or moderate air flow
  • FlowControl™ technology equalizes airflow to each disk 
  • Energy-efficient die-cut perforations with a "Delta" surface pattern increase active surface area and aeration efficiency. 
  • Lipped Designed to prevent settling into soft bottom sediments
  • StableTrak™ technology increases lift velocity
  • Includes a 1/2" male fitting for BottomLine tubing connection
  • Comes with a five year, no questions asked Vertex® warranty

Made in the U.S.A.

Technical Specifications