Vertex® 1/3 hp Single Piston Compressor Rebuild Kit

  • $69.00

Vertex® Aerator Compressor Rebuild Kit for the 1/3 hp Brookwood™ single piston compressor.

Choose from 115 or 230 volts electrical options. 

Part Number COM404-MK : 115 volt compressor

Part Number COM402-MK : 230 volt compressor 

Part Number COM401-MK: 115 & 230 volt compressors purchased before 2014

The Brookwood™ 1/3hp Compressor Rebuild Kits for 115 Volt Compressors purchased before 2014 are a different size.

Technical Specifications 

Kit Includes:

Piston rings
Piston cylinder 
Rubber gaskets
Pictured instructions


(Does not include piston head)

Product Instructions


Vertex Rebuild Kit Instructions