Kasco Robust-Aire Diffuser Assembly

Kasco Robust-Aire Diffuser Assembly

  • $347.00

Kasco® Robust-Aire™ Diffusers are designed to provide a fine air bubble with the least amount of pressure. It has a raised design that keeps the diffusers performing at an optimal level above the pond bottom. A durable, bolted, strain relief attachment ensures that the weighted tubing will not become detached during installation or maintenance. A check valve with Viton seals keeps water from entering the tubing when the system is not operating. 

Kasco® Robust-Aire™ Diffuser has a self-weighted, stainless steel base that lands upright every time. In addition, custom edge guards are included to protect lined ponds. 

Part Number 772100

  • Effective in depths 8 ft. to 50 ft. 
  • Includes (1) 3/8-in barbed fitting and (1) 5/8-in barbed fitting
  • Backed by a 2-Year Manufacturer Warranty 
Technical Specifications  

Diffuser Manual