Koi Krunchies

Koi Krunchies

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Aquascape® Koi Krunchies are ideal for hand feeding goldfish, koi, and other pond fish, providing an excellent addition to the regular diet of your fish. This nutritious treat contains high-quality ingredients and natural citrus flavors, making them irresistible to pond fish. The size, shape, and taste of the Krunchies make them a perfect tool for training your fish hand-feed, often a difficult task for pond owners. A great source of vitamin C, Aquascape® Koi Krunchies aid in proper tissue formation, digestion, and disease resistance. Koi Krunchies also create minimal waste, helping to keep pond water clean, clear, and healthy. 

  • Great for hand feeding all pond fish
  • Contains quality natural ingredients
  • Great source of vitamin C 
  • Improves tissue formation, digestion, and disease resistance

Available in a 1.1lb easy to use container

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