Kasco Post Mount Cabinet Assembly

  • $1,537.00

The Kasco® Post Mount Cabinet Assembly is ideal for pond owners that want to upgrade or replace their existing aeration system housing but already have the compressor and aeration tubing installed or to build a custom aeration system. The Post Mount Cabinet allows for the compressor to be installed above the ground. This cabinet can be mounted to a wall or wooden post (post not included)

The Kasco® Post Mount Cabinet Kit includes 120 or 240-volt receptacles, 6 ft power cable with plug, cooling fan, 3 stations manifold assembly, noise-reducing foam, and lockset.

Compressor and Aeration tubing sold separately.

  • Accommodates one 1/4 or 1/2 hp compressor
  • Can operate 1-3 diffusers
  • 19 in. x 12 in. x 12 in.
  • 120-volt receptacle or a 240-volt junction box
  • Single cooling fan provides 110 CFM of ventilation
  • 6 ft. power cable from the cabinet
  • Powder-coated aluminum features increased durability
  • Acoustical foam included in the cabinet to reduce noise levels
  • Hinged top and front cover for easy access 
  • Cabinet includes a keyed lock for added safety
  • Nature-green color blends well with outdoor surroundings
Technical Specifications