Fountain Scale Free

  • $15.98

Aquascape® Fountain Scale Free safely eliminates calcium and scale buildup up from water features, helping to maintain the beauty of your feature. Aquascape Fountain Scale Free is specially formulated to help keep your fountain surface clear of hard water deposits and white scale.

Scale buildup can permanently damage water pumps and clog fountain plumbing. Aquascape Feature Scale Free does not contain harsh chemicals or acids that often damage ornamental fountains and will add the fresh clean smell of lavender to your fountain or water feature. Keep your water features looking their best with Aquascape® Feature Scale Free.

(Please see Technical Specifications for additional information)

  • Safely Eliminates Scale and Debris Build up from Water Features
  • Helps maintain the beauty of your water feature
  • Helps maintain perfect water quality
  • Prevents white scale build-up without damaging feature
  • Eliminates scale that will often build up in areas of the water feature that contain fast-moving water
  • Prevents white scale build-up without the use of acids that may cause damage to the water feature
  • Non-toxic, safe for birds and animals 

Available in an 8oz bottle with easy to use pump top that accurately measures 10 gallons of treatment. 

1 - 8 oz bottle treats up to 500 gallons