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Eco-Block™ Bacteria Habitat & Multiplier

  • $29.99

New Eco-Block™ Bacteria Habitat & Multiplier Kit 

Eco-Blocks are made of a porous ceramic compound that is especially effective as a bacteria multiplier specifically designed to hold a higher quantity of active colonies of microorganisms used to treat water by providing open surfaces on which bacteria can properly grow and reproduce to form bacterial colonies large enough to reduce contaminants in ponds.  A one pound Eco-Block™ provides 50.000 square feet of surface area increasing bacteria effectiveness 5 times or more.  

Plastic and other types of media do not have the porosity that allows water to easily flow in and out which constantly recycles live bacteria into the water column; therefore Eco-Blocks™ provide a greater value. 

(Please see Technical Specifications for additional information) 


Recommended Application Rate:

For Small Ponds 1 Eco-Block treats 10,000 gallons for up to 2 years 
For Large Ponds  10 Eco-Blocks treat ¼ surface area for up to 2 years

For easy application, Eco-Block™ easy kit includes 2 ounces of bacteria, enough to get you started.  Bacteria will need to be reapplied as needed. 

For best results, place the Eco-Block™ in areas where water circulates or flows.