CideKick II (Surfactant)

  • $19.99

Cygnet Plus or CideKick II is a wetting agent, sticker, activator, and penetrant all in one.  Cygnet Plus or CideKick II helps break down plants and algae's natural defenses, penetrating into the cellular wall of the target plant or algae. 

Cygnet Plus or CideKick II is compatible with most terrestrial and aquatic vegetation control products.  Both products have the same formulation and are manufactured by the same company.  Due to Production Issues and low inventory, we will ship the product that is available to ship the soonest. 

  • Increases Herbicide/Algaecide effectiveness by penetrating waxy leaf surface
  • Eliminates beading for more stable surface coverage
  • No water use restrictions

Available in 1 Quart (32oz) and 1-gallon containers

Application Rate

 2 oz of Cygnet Plus/CideKick II for every 1 gallon of mixture

* Add to all liquid algaecides and herbicides for best results.

Please see the label for complete information.  

Available for use in every state. No water use restrictions.

Product SDS Sheet & Label


Cygnet Plus SDS Sheet                          Cygnet Plus Label

Recommended Application Rate:

 2 oz of Cygnet Plus for every 1 gallon of mixture 

* Add to all liquid algaecides and herbicides for best results.

Please see label for complete information.  

Available for use in every state. No water use restrictions.

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Matthew W.
United States United States

Waste of Money

Sprayed onto the Lilly pads in my pond in a 25 yard area, water turned milky white, i used the entire gallon hoping this would clear them up some before they go crazy. Been 2 weeks & there has been absolutely no effect & the lilly pads have actually increased in coverage area.


The Pond Shop®

Matthew, This is NOT a chemical and can not be used alone to kill Lily Pads or any aquatic weeds or algae for that matter. This is a treatment adjuvant only. It assists in the penetration of the Chemical into the cell of the plant or Algae for better uptake by the plant or algae to ensure a better kill off. If you are looking to kill Lily Pads, the product you want to use with the CideKick is "Clipper". That is the chemical. CideKick will NOT kill anything on its own. Please call us in the future for technical questions. We want to ensure you receive the proper product for what you're looking to do.

Randy M.
United States United States

Surfactant did what I expected

Terrie E.
United States United States

Works EXACTLY as Described

I cannot **** my pond’s cattails w/o this…. And Rodeo.

Darrell C.
United States United States

Our experience was smooth and efficient

Worked well and makes the chemical treatment much more effective! I was glad for your quick delivery of the product!

05/17/2021 Sharpe
United States United States

Good service and response

Only problem was that the Cygnet had leaked, soaking the instructions so as to prevent being able to use the product after driving 30 minutes into the country. I had to drive to where I could find a cell tower in order to read the instructions. You'd think that the manufacturer would be able to prevent something as simple. I have read reviews of other products on other websites had similar problems, although rarely. Overall happy with The Pond Shop.