Captain XTR Algaecide by SEPRO

Captain XTR Algaecide by SEPRO

  • $149.99

Captain XTR Algaecide is the strongest, most broad-spectrum algaecide on the market, with the ultimate INFUSION technology for controlling all algae types. Captain XTR is optimized to increase the penetration of copper into algae cells, enhancing the product's efficacy.  Its formulation is especially impactful when targeting tough-to-control mat-forming, gelatinous species that can prevent other algaecides from moving through or entering the plant. 

Algae Control Through Infusion 

  • Captain XTR's specialized formulation technology impacts the copper infusion rate, which results in more copper-penetrating algae cells for a better, faster kill. 
  • Captain XTR offers enhanced performance on challenging algae species, such as Lyngbya, Oscillatoria, Microcystis, Pithophora, Starry Stonewort, etc. 
  • It DOES NOT interact with different water parameters, so it works even in highly acidic waters. 
  • It contains multiple Surfactants and Emulsifiers that bypass barriers even in thicker mats and slimy algae types.  It works even in Lyngbya!

Captain XTR is safe in ponds, lakes, canals, drinking water reservoirs, and chemigation systems. It has no water use restriction and minimal residual for less environmental impact. 

Do not exceed recommended application rates. Please see the label for Additional Information. 

Available in 2.5 Gallon Container only 




Application Rates