Vertex Bottomline Aeration Supply Tubing

Vertex Bottomline Aeration Supply Tubing

  • $124.99

Vertex® has developed the perfect air supply tubing for pond and lake aeration systems.  Its high quality, durability and flexibility saves time and money with easy installations.  

  • Self-weighted, self-sinking and submersible tubing for connection to AirStations / Diffusers for easy installation 
  • Over-sized for high air flow 
  • Tubing is flexible PVC composite construction for use with standard PVC cement and a 0.5" insert fitting
  • Tubing has 0.58" I.D. and 0.25" wall thickness for long-term durability and protection against punctures
  • Remains flexible in cold temperatures
  • Will not kink
  • Backed by a 15-year warranty

    Available in 50 and 100 feet roll.

    Technical Specifications