Blue Kuro™ Midnight Blue Pond Dye

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Blue Kuro™ Super Concentrate pond and lake dye, by Pond Biologics®, creates a deep, luminous midnight or twilight blue color.

Blue Kuro™ is a blend of Black and Blue water dye. Blue Kuro™ shades and protects, while adding a natural,  pleasing color and an aesthetic appeal to your pond or lake. This powerful Pond Dye Concentrate is stronger than any competitors quart concentrate or one-gallon product that is available on the market today.

1-quart bottle treats up to 1 surface acre 4-6 feet deep.

Blue Kuro™ pond dye is a highly concentrated pond and lake dye with 100% solubility for consistent color throughout your lake or pond. 

Available in 1-quart concentrated bottles. 

(Please see Technical Specifications for additional information)

Application Rate:

1-quart bottle treats up to 1 surface acre 4-6 feet deep, or 4 acre feet of water

Directions for use:

Use 6-8 oz of Blue Kuro™ pond dye per acre foot of water, or until desired color is obtained.  Pour pond dye directly into the water in multiple spots around the pond or lake.  Blue Kuro™ pond dye will disperse on its own throughout the entire water body within 24 hours. If darker color is wanted, simply add more product. 

Calculate water body size:

Length x width x average depth, divide by 43,560 = Acre Feet

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