Bird Deterrent Flag Kit with 13.5 foot Pole

  • $249.99

Looking for an effective, pleasing, and fun way to keep birds from making a mess on your boat, dock, or around your pond or lake frontage? Tired of spending time cleaning up after nuisance geese that have left your property in less than optimal condition? We have the solution! 

These flag kits are a unique outdoor display system that has been proven effective in deterring birds such as ducks, geese, seagulls, terns, pelicans, and other nuisance birds. This unique system is easy to install and adds an enjoyable appeal to your property.  

The system comprises a flexible and lightweight fiberglass pole 13.5 ft high and an 8 ft by 18-in long pennant, available in multiple colors.

Mounting options include an easy-to-install dock mount or a ground stake, allowing for positioning anywhere around your property.

These systems are both an effective and an attractive addition to any setting! 

*Custom Colors are special orders; please call to inquire. 


Color Options

Stock Solid Colors


Red, White, and Blue Patriotic Pennant 
Collegiate Color Combinations 
Custom Solid Colors *
*Custom Colors have longer lead times and are special orders. Please call to inquire.