Bacteria Bubble Tabs

  • $14.98

Aquascape® Beneficial Bacteria Bubble Tabs help to provide clean, clear, and healthy water conditions, significantly reducing pond maintenance. 

Aquascape® Bacteria Bubble Tabs contains 8 pure strains of concentrated beneficial bacteria, including enzymes. This combination of natural cleaners helps to maintain a strong biological balance in your pond.

Because ornamental water gardens are enclosed ecosystems, sometimes factors like fish load, uneaten fish food, organics such as leaves, sludge, and unwanted debris may disrupt the balance. Aquascape® Bacteria Bubble Tabs maintain a strong biological balance.

Bubble Tabs can simply be tossed directly into the pond, providing a fun and easy way to add water treatments to your pond. Bacteria Bubble Tabs is completely safe for fish, plants, pets, and wildlife. Each tab will treat 100 gallons. 

(Please see Technical Specifications for additional information)

  • Effectively reduce waste and help promote a balanced ecosystem
  • Pond Bottom and Filter Cleaner
  • Bubble Tabs help disperse sludge- eating bacteria quickly
  • Safe for fish, plants or animals that may drink pond water                                                                                

Available in 36 tabs/4oz or 72 tabs/8oz quantities.  Each tablet treats 100 gallons of water.  

1 - 36 tablets/4oz container treats up to 3,600 gallons 
1 - 72 tablets/8oz container treats up to 7,200 gallons