AquaSurge® PRO Adjustable Flow Pumps

  • $585.99

The Aquascape® AquaSurge™ PRO is ideal for use in ponds, Pondless™ waterfalls, and other water feature applications. The pump is made for continuous use in either vertical or horizontal orientation, and the asynchronous motor technology makes it extremely energy-efficient. 
The AquaSurge™ PRO skimmer and waterfall pump comes complete with a variety of fitting for easy installation and a rotational ball output which allows the discharge position to be easily adjusted.  AquaSurge™ PRO will not corrode or rust and is ideal for use in skimmer and fall filter systems, as well as Pondless™ Waterfall filter vaults.
(Please see Technical Specifications for additional information) 
  • Extremely energy-efficient, saving hundreds of dollars over traditional water pumps
  • Asynchronous motor technology provides high torque, trouble-free performance at higher head heights
  • Designed for use in skimmer and falls filter systems
  • Oil-free design prevents pond contamination
  • Provides years of trouble-free operation
  • Made for continuous use
  • Will not corrode or rust
  • Rubber feet prevent noise and vibration
  • Can be used vertically or horizontally
  • Allows you to customize and fine-tune the flow of waterfalls and streams
  • Pump can be turned on or off with remote
  • Ideal for use in Pondless® Waterfall applications, allowing the falls to be adjusted or turned on and off when desired
  • Ability to adjust the flow makes it easy to select a pump for any application
Choose from two available options:

AquaSurge™ PRO 2000-4000
Max Air Flow Rate  3,947 gallons per hour
Max Head Height 18.55 ft
Wattage 215
Amps 1.82
Power Cord Length  20 ft
Discharge  1.5 mpt

AquaSurge™ PRO 4000-8000

Max Air Flow Rate  7,793 gallons per hour
Max Head Height 27.89 ft
Wattage 660
Amps 5.5
Power Cord Length  20 ft
Discharge  1.5 mpt

Each Aquascape® AquaSurge™ PRO pump carries a 3-Year Limited Warranty