Aquascape Algaecide

  • $24.99

Aquascape® Algaecide is a liquid pond algae control product that quickly and efficiently combats existing algae, and stops future algae growth in ponds, waterfalls, and fountains. Algaecide keeps water clear and greatly reduces pond and fountain maintenance. Aquascape® Algaecide controls string algae growth as well as single-celled floating algae, also known as green water. Elimination of algae will allow you to spend more time enjoying your pond and less time maintaining it. One pump will treat 50 gallons, making the addition of treatment quick, easy, and precise. Aquascape Algaecide can be used in ponds with fish and plants.

Available in 32oz, 1-gallon, and 2.5-gallon containers with pump included

 32oz container treats 10,000 gallons of water One pump treats 50 gallons of water
1-Gallon Container treats 40,000 gallons of water  One pump treats 50 gallons of water
2.5-Gallon Container treats 100,000 gallons of water  One pump treats 50 gallons of water 


  • Controls string algae and clears green water
  • Can be used on pond with fish and plants

Available in the following sizes: 32oz,1gl, and 2.5gl

1- 32 oz bottle treats up to 10,000 gallons of water
1 - 1 gallon container treats up tp 40,000 gallons of water 
1 - 2.5 gallon container treats up tp 100,000 gallons of water