Activated Pond Carbon

  • $29.98

Aquascape® Activated Pond Carbon successfully removes discoloration and odors in pond water. Our Activated Pond Carbon is made with bamboo carbon; a sustainable resource with incredible ability to remove discoloration from water. The highly-effective carbon also removes chlorine and chloramines from the water which can prove harmful to pond fish. A re-sealable mesh bag is included for quick and easy application.

  • Clarifies pond water
  • Quickly reduces pond odor
  • Removes discolorations

Available in a 2.2 lbs re-sealable bag. Included a scoop measures 25 gallons of treatment.

Part Number 80000


Application Rate
1 - 2.2 lbs bag treats 800 gallons


Product SDS Sheet

Activated Pond Carbon SDS Sheet