3/4 hp Kasco® De-Icer

  • $619.99

Kasco® De-icer are known for their quality, durability, and effectiveness; the Kasco® D-Series de-icer became a staple of the industry by tackling some fiercely challenging applications. 

Kasco® De-Icers move large volumes of warm, bottom water to the surface preventing ice from forming; therefore, creating an ice-free area of protection around your boat, dock, or pier. Furthermore, they help protect fish and aquatic species, by allowing or open areas where oxygen can enter the water.

Kasco® de-icers' unique design provides superior flow and excellent energy efficiency to solve your de-icing needs in a cost-effective manner.

  • Kasco® De-icers come complete with (2) 20 ft. suspension ropes
  • Available in 120 and 240 Volt 
  • Thermostat and timer controller are also available to help you save power and improve your de-icer's performance. 
  • 2-Year Manufacturer's Warranty 

Optional Mounting Systems

Universal Dock Mount allows you to rotate the unit to change its angle and depth. Uses a 1" pipe (pipe not included).

Industrial Dock Mount made of stainless steel and galvanized parts for harsh environments. Uses a 1.5"/38mm threaded or unthreaded pipe (pipe not included).

Optional Control Panels

C-10 Thermostat Controller uses an air temperature thermostat to turn the de-icer on when the temperature drops below a set point. 
C-20 Time and Temperature Controller allows you to determine at what temperature and time of day the de-icer turns on. 
C-220 Control Panel for use exclusively with the 240-Volt units. This UL listed, 20-Amp control panel features GFCI protection, 24-hour timer and field terminal connections for incoming power and de-icer wiring, all inside a durable thermoplastic enclosure.  

Please see Technical Specifications for additional information and Size Chart.

De-Icer Product Guide

The tables below will hep you determine which de-icer unit size will work best for you. Choose which temperature best describes your applications and which mounting orientation you prefer to use. Based on those choices you can can see how much water will be kept open with each unit size.

Sizes may vary greatly based on a number of local conditions. The chart sizing guidelines are made with the following assumptions:

  • Unobstructed water
  • 200 or more acre body of water with 20 ft or greater max depth
  • Water depth in de-icing area is 4 ft or more

1/2 hp120-Volt5.729 lbs
3/4 hp120-Volt7.036 lbs
3/4 hp240-Volt3.536 lbs
1 hp120-Volt9.141 lbs
1 hp 240-Volt 4.541 lbs