Kasco Aquaticlear 3/4 hp Water Circulators

  • $1,583.00

The NEW AQUATICLEAR Kasco® 3/4 hp Circulator/Mixer is the smallest in the Kasco range but it is a powerful performer ideal for a wide variety of applications.  

Kasco® Aquaticlear Circulators can help solve many common water problems throughout the year and will greatly improve the health and vitality of your water. During the summer months, they will mix, agitate, and eliminate stagnant water areas where unwanted aquatic plants grow and mosquitoes breed.

In the spring and fall, they help reduce thermal stratification in deeper bodies of water preventing or limiting the negative effects of pond turnover. During the winter months, Kasco® Circulators/Mixers can be used to keep areas of water open to help prevent winterkill of fish populations and protect permanent structures from ice damage.

The NEW Kasco® Aquaticlear Circulator features a crown-like composite prop guard that prevents weeds, algae, and other floating debris from clogging.  The Aquaticlear Circulator maintenance-free, continuous operation, revolutionary technology keeps waterfronts beautiful and clean effortlessly!

Available in 120 and 240-Volt.

  • Built with long-lasting internal components 
  • High-efficiency design means low power consumption and low operating costs
  • Heavy-duty motor and corrosion resistant design; suitable for salt-water or other corrosive environments
  • Stainless steel external metal, motor, and hardware are protected by a sacrificial anode 
  • Customed-engineered UV-resistant thermoplastic 2-blade propeller
  • Backed by a two-year warranty
  • Multiple cord lengths are available. UL, CSA, and NEC-approved underwater rated cable. 


Technical Specifications 


120-Volt Operating Amps 6.6

240-Volt Operating Amps 3.1

25, 50, 100, 150, 200 ft Power Cable available for the 120-Volt units.

50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 400 ft Power Cable available for the 240-Volt units.

Min Depth of Operation 4-ft

Thrust 36 lbs


Mounting Options

Horizontal Float  

The Horizontal Float Kit uses three ropes to secure AquatiClear to the shore at the water's surface.  Installation is even easier with the newly designed tie-down loops. Choose from three angles of orientation to create a flow of water in the desired direction. 

  • Single-piece float
  • U-V resistant linear low-density polyethylene
  • 300 series stainless steel hardware include 
  • Three 50' braided nylon mooring ropes 

Universal Mount

The Universal Dock Mount allows AquatiClear units to be easily mounted to structures like a dock, piers, marinas, and others.  The dock mount effortlessly can be adjusted for angle, depth, and now rotation, using the newly designed simple swivel bracket.

  • Complete 300 series stainless steel construction 
  • Multiple angling options for upper and lower mount elements
  • User supplies 1" pipe up to 10' long

Optional Control Panel 

C-25 is plug-and-go GFCI protected control panel with a 24-hour timer and a photocell-controlled outlet for optional lighting.  Works on 120-Volt Single Phase, 115-Amp Surface Aerators.

 C-220 control panel works exclusively with Kasco 3/4, 1 and 2 hp, 240-Volt Water Circulators allowing for easy control to turn the unit on and off. This UL-listed, 20-Amp control panel features GFCI protection, 24-hour timer, and field terminal connections for incoming power and aerator wiring, all inside a durable thermoplastic enclosure.  


Product Manual


Aerators and Circulators Manual