Water Fill Valve 200

Water Fill Valve 200

  • $79.99

Aquascape® Water fill valve 200 automatically maintains water levels in ponds, decorative water features, and pools.

Part Number 29272

Technical Specifications 
  • Reduces time-consuming maintenance versus manually filling with a hose
  • Helps protect the pump from running dry
  • Better for pond ecosystems by adding small amounts of water as needed, eliminating large water chemistry swings (including chlorine/chloramine levels) that occur during manual top-offs
  • Reliable mechanical arm style water fill valve allows up to 3 gallons per minute flow rate at 0-100 PSI.
  • Brass hardware with poly float
  • Includes fittings to connect 1/2-inch poly pipe or 1/2-inch PVC pipe.

 (Pipe sold separately)