24ft Three-Leg Deluxe Windmill Aerator

  • $3,395.95

24' Three-Leg Pond Windmill Aerator with Dual Air Stations Deluxe Package

This Windmill Aeration Package includes our highly efficient 3-legged, 24ft Windmill Pond Aerator and all other necessary components.

The blade diameter on all units is a full 73" in diameter, the largest windmill head on the market for pond aeration. This allows our units to pump up to 4.5 CFM of air and still turn at low wind speeds due to their windmill heads higher torque. This powerful windmill can produce up to 30 psi of air allowing these units to aerate ponds or lakes that are 10', 20', or even 30' deep.

Our Windmills "BalCam II" Technology allows them to pump more air with a single diaphragm than other "dual diaphragm" models on the market. The benefit is fewer moving parts, fewer bearings, and fewer diaphragms to service and maintain. The compressor is backed by a 5-Year Warranty. 

This complete Windmill Aeration System includes the following: 

  • 3-Legged 24' Windmill Pond Aerator with BalCam II Technology and Stainless Steel components
  • One 100ft roll of non-weighted airline
  • Two airstones are to install in two different locations 
  • Two 100' rolls of weighted airline to sink your airline to the bottom of the pond
  • One set of pivot points for easier maintenance
  • One 2-way selector valve to better regulate airflow between the two airstones
  • Three-hose connector packs
  • Two airstone housing buckets
  • Two duck decoy markers
  • Made in the U.S.A. 
Technical Specifications 

This package offers great value. Perfect for a 2 or even 3-acre pond.

This item ships motor freight.  Please allow 10 to 12 business days for delivery from the time of order.  

Now you have the opportunity to have your own Personalized Tailfin in your Windmill Aerator. Just add it to your cart when you order, and we'll contact you to arrange your design!