Skeeter Mosquito Control

Skeeter Mosquito Control

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Advanced Biological Mosquito Control


Skeeter is GroPro's industry-changing Mosquito and Midge material. Highly effective with mortality rates above 75% in 24 hours and within 72 hours proven control of 95% plus. Skeeter was designed to provide municipalities, HOA, Homeowners, Applicators an easily affordable and effective larvicide and pupacide for mosquitos. Because mosquitos are a huge issue worldwide, GroPro believed it was needed to have a safe and reliable product. Skeeter is being used worldwide in some of the worst locations with mosquitos.


Application Options

Skeeter is designed to be applied in stagnant water, sewage areas, pipes, drainage, lakes, ponds, and storm drains. It can be applied via backpack, truck, and ATV mounted sprayers as well as aerial applications including drones. 

Skeeter can easily be mixed with other materials allowing for a single application and control material.


How It Works

Skeeter has a proprietary surface tension that, once applied, moves the material across the entire surface area. As emerging mosquitos or landing mosquitos come in contact, it will coat their bodies and eliminate the ability to sense CO2 respiration. This causes the elimination of feeding and suppression of the adult life cycle. In the water, Skeeter actively kills the larva and pupae and causes a build-up of bacteria eliminating an entire life cycle population for 30 days.  


Environmental and Worker Safety

Skeeter ensures a long safe approach while supporting resistance concerns in your integrated pest management program. The Skeeter formulation uses a patented formulation that delivers superior environmental and worker safety when used as directed. Skeeter is classified as a FIFRA 25 (b) based material, meaning that it uses materials the EPA finds as reduced risk. Skeeter is safe to be used around families, pets, and fish with zero re-entry interval when used as directed.

Application Rates