Pond Cover Netting

  • $12.98

Aquascape® Protective Pond Netting is ideal for keeping fish in and predators out. Keeps debris from entering the pond.

Aquascape® multi-purpose pond netting comes conveniently rolled, making it easier to install and reuse. Don't be fooled by the small package; this is quality, full-sized pond netting!

Aquascape® multi-purpose pond netting comes complete with 14 stakes; keeping the net secure and in place. 

(Please see Technical Specifications for additional information) 

  • Keeps falling leaves and debris from entering the pond
  • Protects fish by keeping predators out
  • Comes complete with stakes to secure netting into place
  • Quality woven poly material resists tearing
  • Reusable

Choose from three available sizes: 

7 ft x 10 ft
14 ft x 20 ft
28 ft x 30 ft