Blue Kuro™ Midnight Dye Packets

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Blue Kuro™ water soluble (WSP) pond dye concentrate, by Pond Biologics® creates a deep, luminous midnight or twilight blue color.  Blue Kuro™ is a blend of Black & Blue powder water dye. Blue Kuro™ shades and protects, while adding a natural, pleasing color and an aesthetic appeal to your pond or lake.

The same dye as in the Pond Biologics® liquid super concentrate, but in an easy to use water soluble packet (WSP). Simply toss the WSP into your pond or lake, and the dye will disperse throughout the water body on its own.

  • Highly concentrated pond dye
  • Easy to use WSP (water-soluble packet)
  • Dye will last for months in non-flowing water
  • Great alternative to liquid dyes
  • 6-year shelf life
  • Safe for animals and humans, no water use restrictions
  • One packet per 1/2 surface acre 

Available in 2, 4, 16 and 32 packets quantities

(Please see Technical Specifications for additional information)

Application Rate:

2-packets treat up to 1 surface acre 4-6 feet deep, or 4 acre feet of water

Directions for use:

Simply toss dye packets directly into the water. Packets will dissolve and pond dye will disperse throughout the entire water body.  If darker color is required, apply additional packet(s) of pond dye. 

Calculate water body size: 

Length x width x average depth, divide by 43,560 = Acre Feet 

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