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Bio-Shock™ Bacteria Booster

  • $29.99

Bio-Shock™ is a powerful biological treatment that helps establish beneficial bacteria in your lake or pond. The accumulation of organic waste/pond muck, dead leaves, plants and fish waste build up during the Winter months overwhelming and reducing the amount of naturally occurring microbes in your lake or pond creating undesirable and unsightly water conditions. Replenishing bacterial colonies that have been lost over the winter, in early spring, will increase nature’s biodegradation process, creating a sustainable and stable aquatic ecosystem.
  • Boosts natural biological functions
  • Establishes colonies of beneficial bacteria
  • Jumpstarts muck reduction
  • Decreases unwanted pond odor
  • Effective in any water temperature 
Available in a 1 pound resealable bag.
(Please see Technical Specifications for additional information)

Application Rate: 

1 lbs bag treats up to 1 surface acre  

Directions for use: 

Mix Bio-Shock™ in a clean bucket of lake or pond water. Stir until powder is diluted (about one minute) and then pour in multiple locations around your lake or pond. Bacteria will spread on its own throughout the entire water body. For faster dispersion, pour Bio-Shock™ solution near a fountain or over the boil of an aerator.

For best results, apply Bio-Shock™ as an initial treatment as soon as the weather permits and continue maintenance treatments with POND BIOLOGICS® microbial products on a regular basis.