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Bio-Buster™ Pond Muck Reduction Pellets

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Bio-Buster™ Pond Muck Reduction Pellets 

Muck building up in your lake or pond? Remove it quickly and naturally with Professional Grade Bio-Buster™ Sediment Reducing Pellets.

Easy to apply pellets reduce organic Pond Muck!

Contains Billions of colonies of beneficial microorganisms, enzymes, and catalysts to increase potency and better performance. 

Bio-Buster™ is non-pathogenic, environmentally friendly and carries no water use restrictions.

Pond Biologics®, Bio-Buster™ is a custom blend of naturally occurring microorganisms and enzymes, compressed in an easy to apply self-sinking pellets. Bio-Buster™ is designed to naturally reduce organic sediment (Muck) in ponds, lakes, waste-water lagoons and water gardens, while also reducing odors and improving water clarity. Bio-Buster™ Muck Reduction Pellets are self-sinking and attack organic sediment (muck) directly. Bio-Buster™ pellets assist in the digestion of leafy debris, dead aquatic vegetation, grass clippings and other organic waste buildups.

  • Bio-Buster™ is safe for use in recreational water bodies, livestock ponds, and waste-water lagoons.
  • Bio-Buster™ gets rid of odor-causing muck in beaches and swimming areas.
  • Bio-Buster™ is safe for humans, pets, fish, and wildlife.
  • Bio-Buster™ contains one of the highest microbial concentrations for fast and efficient sediment control.
  • Apply Bio-Buster™ to water temps as low as 38 degrees F  

Available in 5, 10, and 25-pound buckets. Includes 4-ounce measuring scoop! 

(Please see Technical Specifications for additional information)

Recommended Application Rate:

Spot Treatment 1 lb treats 4,000 square feet 

Apply pellets evenly across the water surface to the target (Muck) area, once per month

Full Pond Treatment 10 lbs treats 1 surface acre

Broadcast pellets evenly throughout the entire water body, once per month.

BIO-BUSTER™ gives you value!

Bio-Buster™ Other Brands 
10 Billion + colonies of beneficial bacteria per gram 500 million to 1 billion colonies of bacteria per gram 
Apply only once per month Apply every week or every two weeks
Fewer application & lower cost More application & higher cost
Apply to water temperature as low as 38 degrees Apply to water temperature above 55 degrees
Results of 12 + inches of muck reduction per season Reduces 5 inches of muck or less per year
No blending or mixing Might require mixing & blending

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