Kasco 1 HP 4400VFX Aerating Fountain

  • $2,090.00

Kasco® 1 hp aerating fountains are proven performers ideal for mid to large-size ponds and lakes. 

The 8 ft. tall by 26 ft. wide classic Kasco “V” fountain pattern gives this model a beautiful and dramatic display. The 1 hp motor is designed for maximum oxygenation to effectively improve the health of your pond or lake.

Choose from two power configurations 120 or 240 Volt single-phase (60 Hz).   120-Volt 11.3 Running Amps. 240-Volt 5.7 Running Amps.

Power Cord Lengths are available up to 500 ft for the 240-Volt fountains and up to 200 ft for the 120-Volt Fountains. 

Kasco® Aerating Fountains are easy to install and optional lighting kits available to extend the visual impact of your fountain into the night-time hours.

  • 8 ft. tall by 26 ft. wide pattern
  • Can operate in water as shallow as 19 in. 
  • Includes Control Panel with standard human-rated GFCI protection for safety
  • High-efficiency design means low power consumption and low operating costs, 11.3 running amps on 120-Volt, 5.7 running amps on 240-Volt circuits
  • Unique Kasco water-deflecting design delivers industry-best clog-resistance
  • Heavy-duty motor and corrosion resistant design; suitable for salt-water or other corrosive environments
  • Safety Tested: ETL listed to UL and CSA standards, 50Hz products CE marked
  • Low maintenance and dependable design
  • Multiple options for power cord length, all SJTOW underwater rated
  • Two 50 ft. braided nylon mooring ropes included
  • Ships via FedEx
  • 2-year warranty
Lighting Option Details 

Optional 3-Fixture Composite LED Color Light Kit

The LED Composite Lighting are flexible, affordable, and brilliant lighting packages for your Kasco AF Aerators, J, or VFX Fountains. Designed and engineered with our one-piece composite housing and ultrasonic weld, these are the most durable water fountain lights on the market.

These lights run on 60Hz power and are 11-watt fixtures.  The 3 fixture package is designed for the 1/2HP-2HP units. These LED lights come standard with classic white and include amber, blue, green, and red lenses. Additionally, each fixture includes its own splitter cap allowing customers to leave the main power cord in water along with the unit power cord when units are pulled for service or winter storage.

Optional RGB 3-Fixture LED Color Changing Light Kit  

This premium decorative and/or event LED Color Changing Lighting Kit has the capacity to create 9 different colors: white, warm white, red, green, blue, orange, yellow, cyan, and magenta. It is remote control operated allowing the user to adjust brightness levels. 

The Kasco® RGB 3-Fixture LED Color Changing Lighting Kit has 3 sequencing patterns and can be coupled with any music playing device that supports a 3.5mm Y connector (not included with the unit) and 5 brightness levels. This affords the user the ability to set the RGB light sequencing to the rhythm of the music. With 5-Watt per fixture, this is the brightest and most colorful Fountain Light Kit in the market!   

Optional 3-Fixture Stainless Steel LED Color Light Kit 

The ultimate quality LED Color Light Kit featuring a durable stainless steel housing ideal for harsh environments. Every 19 watts, low-voltage fixture delivers a classic white color and is rated at nearly 1,700 lumens. Each kit comes standard with blue, amber, red, and green lenses and a rubber lens cap. Each fixture is daisy-chained together for easy installation.


Additional LED Lighting Packages options available

VFX Series Fountain Manual


VFX Series Fountain Manual