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To run the aeration system all winter:

  • Operating an Aeration System in freezing conditions on an ice-covered lake causes large open water areas to remain at the boil sites.
  • Warning: ice thickness around these open areas is thinner than the ice over the remainder of the lake. Injury or fatality may result from people, snowmobiles, etc. falling through the ice. It is strongly recommended that this danger of thin ice around the boil area be clearly posted at frequent intervals.
  • It's recommended that the Air Stations be moved to a shallower portion of the waterway (1/2 the depth of original placement) until warmer temperatures return, to allow warmer water to remain in the lower regions of the waterway and prevent water column freezing.
  • Airline tubing on shore must be buried below the frost line and the compressor hose must be insulated between the cabinet and the ground. The tubing must enter the water below the ice depth.

To turn off the aeration system for the Winter: 

  • Unplug the system; no other equipment preparation is required.
  • When the system is restarted in spring, add one cup of denatured alcohol to each frozen line will melt the ice enough to allow the compressor to push air through the line until heat generated by the compressor melts the remaining ice.
  • Use first time/spring start-up procedures

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