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SAB Stream, Waterfall, And Pond Cleaner

  • $12.98

Aquascape® SAB Stream, Waterfall, and Pond Cleaner contains a combination of concentrated beneficial bacteria and enzymes that help to provide clean, clear, and healthy water conditions in ponds, streams, and waterfalls. The powerful combination of strong natural cleaners helps to break down organic debris in your feature while the phosphate binder will minimize algae growth. 

Because ornamental water gardens are enclosed ecosystems, sometimes factors like fish load, uneaten fish food, organics such as leaves, sludge, unwanted debris or after-use of an algaecide or algae treatments may disrupt the pond's balance. SAB™ Stream and Pond Clean maintain a strong biological balance, providing clean, clear and healthy water conditions. This allows you to spend more time enjoying your water feature and less time maintaining it. SAB will also help to reduce ammonia and nitrite. 

(Please see Technical Specifications for additional information)


  • Aquascape SAB Stream & Pond Cleaner is safe for fish, plants, pets, and wildlife.
  • Helps breaks down organic debris in ponds, streams, and waterfalls
  • Maintains a strong biological balance in your pond
  • Aquascape SAB Stream & Pond Cleaner is safe for fish, plants, pets, and wildlife.
  • It contains phosphate binder to minimize algae growth
  • Reduces ammonia and nitrite

Available in the following sizes: 4.4 oz, 8.8 oz, 1.1 lb, 7 lbs container. Included a scoop measures 100 gallons of treatment.

 1 - 4.4 oz container treats up to 1,300 gallons   
1 - 8.8 oz container treats up to 2,700 gallons 
1 - 1.1 lbs container treats up to 5,600 gallons 
1 - 7 lbs container treats up to 33,8000 gallons