Aqua Control 1 HP Fusion Aerating Fountain

  • $2,508.00

The Aqua Control 1 hp Fusion Aerating Fountain combines aeration innovation with magnificent and unique display patterns. These fountains were created after years of diligent engineering and careful testing to fulfill the high demand for decorative fountains that provide beautiful water displays but perform like aeration fountains. 

A standard nozzle package with six unique water display patterns is included. Optional Extension Nozzle package and LED light kit available.  All patterns can operate in water as shallow as 32 inches. Available in 115-Volt only. 7 Running Amps.

This complete unit includes:

  • 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 175, and 200 ft Power Cables options with Quick Disconnect for a more precise fit 
  • 100-ft Mooring Line and Two Mooring Stakes
  • Control Panel with 24-hour timer for motor and lights
  • A Generous 3-Year Manufacturer Warranty to protect your purchase
  • Lighting, CSA Listed, NEMA 3R Rainproof Enclosure, Class A Human Rated GFCI, Simple Plug and Play! 

The Perfect Pump design features redesigned propellers and output fairing.  These highly efficient pumps create high streams while continuing to pump great water volumes.  A large suction screen catches debris to prevent clogging the nozzles.

The Perfect Nozzle System allows the formation of many unique patterns by assembling the provided nozzle components in various ways. The nozzles have a 0.5" or 0.6" I.D opening to allow for high volumes to be pumped while creating beautiful coherent streams. 

Optional Extension Nozzle Package includes additional parts to create nine more grand patterns when added to the Standard Package for a total of 15 water displays. 

Optional Twister Module enables almost any pattern to rotate for the most splendid and fun displays! 

Optional LED Light Kit  Available in 30W LED lighting or 36W RGB LED lighting with stainless steel fixtures, two or four lights per set, clip-on attachment for simple tool-free installation. Includes quick disconnect and light cable option up to 200-ft.  

    • Available Colors:  Cool White - Amber - Blue - Green - Red, each color sold separately.  LED RGB Auto-random color patterns. 
    • 30W 2,075  Lumens for 25-ft of Brilliant Illumination