Pond Klear

  • $158.99

SEPRO Pond-Klear Aquatic Herbicide is a broad spectrum herbicide and algaecide that controls submerged, emergent, and floating pond weeds, including common invasives like duckweed, watermeal and Eurasian watermilfoil. This easy-to-use herbicide and algaecide is extremely effective against Filamentous Algae, such as Pithophora and Cladophora. Pond-Klear highly concentrated formula provides fast results - showing activity in as soon as 3 days.

Active Ingredient:  Flumioxazin (the same as Clipper SC)

  • Concentrated aquatic herbicide will provide fast, noticeable results controlling duckweed/watermeal
  • Controls a broad range of nuisance submerged aquatic plants at rates as low as 16 fl. oz. per acre foot of water 
  • Contact herbicide quickly degrades in the water column