OWS® Solar Powered 1 HP Decorative Fountain

  • $6,995.00

OWS® new line of affordable, battery-free, and durable Solar Fountains are constructed using high-quality pumps, motors, and controllers designed to operate when others will not.  

Through intense product testing, OWS Solar Fountains provide the most efficient technology available allowing for more run time than other systems on the market.

These Battery Free Solar Fountains feature unique Direct Drive™ technology that uses a state-of-the-art controller to convert the sun's DC power to AC power to run the 1 hp Solar Powered Fountain.  

The OWS 1 hp Solar Fountain comes with 6 High-Output 36 V Solar Panels, Pre-cut Fabricated Solar Mounting Racks. Quick Disconnects for Fast Assembly.  It does not include Mounting Poles. 

Each Fountain includes 4 Different Nozzle Patterns!


  • 100% Stainless Steel Components that resist corrosion
  • Optimized hydraulics that increases performance and efficiency
  • 1 hp Maxix™ Pump with 100-foot Power Cable 
  • UL Listed waterproof locking cabinet

Flotation Assembly 

  • High-density 32" polyethylene black molded float with UV protection
  • Low profile display heads with interchangeable nozzles
  • Easy access to pumps and motors for maintenance
  • high strength stainless steel frames 
  • Large profile stainless steel cage to protect the pump 

Benefits of Solar

  • Eco-friendly and no batteries to dispose of 
  • Cost is half as much as battery run systems to purchase and maintain
  • Saves monthly electrical costs
  • DD Controller allows systems to operate in low light

Solar Panels

  • Hight output solar panels offer more total watts of power than any other panel in the market
  • Custom Designed Panel Racking
  • 15-Year Manufacturer's Warranty 

Mounting Poles Not Included.