Kasco Solar Powered RA1 Diffused Aeration System

  • $9,926.00

The Kasco® Solar Panels allow their RA1 Diffused Aeration Systems to be powered by the sun instead of electrical power.  Controllers integrate a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) to convert DC power to AC power.  These Solar Powered Aeration Systems are a reliable and optimal option for ponds located too far off the grid power or to save on electrical costs. 

The Kasco® Solar RA Diffused Aeration Systems are available as Solar Power Only and Solar + Power Grid.

Solar Power Only Controller 

Solar-only systems use solar energy to maximize operation during daylight hours. In partial sunlight (morning and afternoon) the system will run at a reduced speed extending the daily run time. These packages include the PicoCell™.

Solar + Power Grid Blend Controller

These systems utilize solar power during the day and grid power at night to provide 24/7 performance.  These packages include the PicoBlender™ 2500 Control Panel.

PV Solar Panels

Minimun 325+ watt polycrystalline photovoltaic panels.  Dimensions 77" x 39" x 1.6".  Operating in Temperature Range from -40°F to 185°F

The Kasco® Robust-Aire™ RA1 Solar Aeration Systems are highly efficient, reliable, and durable aeration systems that induce oxygen transfer, beneficial water movement, and mixing to ponds up to 1.5 Acres, 8 to 50 feet deep. 

3-Year Warranty for Compressors, 1-Year Warranty for Controllers, 10-Year Warranty for Solar Panels. 

Installation is quick and easy. These  RA1 Solar Aeration Systems come complete with everything you need!


Solar Package Includes:

  • 4 Solar Panels 
  • PicoCell™ 3500 Controller or PicoBlender™ 2500 Control Panel
  • 1 high post driven ground mount 
  • Panel racking system
  • Solar panel connector cables
  • DC disconnect 
  • 100ft roll of 3/8 ID weighted aeration tubing, connectors, and adapter fittings
  • 1/4 Hp single-piston Tech-Aire compressor
  • One Diffuser Assembly
  • Powder-coated aluminum Post-Mount cabinet with acoustical foam, key lock, and a 110 CFM cooling fan


Benefits of the RA1 Solar Aeration System 

  • Allows Kasco units to operate at the same high-performance standards!
  • The best alternative for aerating ponds where electricity is not an option
  • Low maintenance rocking-piston compressor
  • Solar Powered and Solar + Grid options 
  • Blend option reduces electrical costs
  • Controller includes status LED's and GFCI motor protection
  • Eliminates thermal and chemical stratification 
  • Increases oxidation at the bottom to speed up organic decomposition 
  • Expands fish habitat  


*Installation requires two (2) 18 in. diameter x 5 ft deep holes for posts to be backfilled with concrete.  Customer must source ground rod, clamp, and copper wire.