Kasco Solar Powered 2 HP VFX Aerating Fountain

  • $14,994.00

The same high-quality, durable, and efficient Standard Kasco® VFX Aerating Fountains Powered by the sun!

The Kasco 2 HP VFX Solar Powered Aerating Fountains display the classic "V" pattern. Their high-flow design moves water faster and more efficiently than regular decorating fountains, adding dissolved oxygen to a water body more rapidly and in a shorter amount of time. 

The Kasco 2 HP VFX fountain operates in as little as 20 in. of water.

The Kasco  HP VFX Fountain Solar Package is ideal for ponds where electricity is unavailable or too costly to install closer to the water. They are available in 240-Volt only. Power Cable from 50 to 200 feet. 

The Kasco® VFX Fountains are equipped with state-of-art Controllers that integrate a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) to convert DC power to AC power making it possible to use Solar-only Power or Solar + Power Grid blender options. 

Solar Power Only Controller

Solar-only systems use solar energy to maximize operation during daylight hours. In partial sunlight (morning and afternoon) the system will run at a reduced speed extending the daily run time. These packages include the Pico-Cell™ 3500 Control Panel. 

Solar + Power Grid Blend Controller

These systems utilize solar power during the day and grid power at night to provide 24/7 performance. These packages include the PicoBlender™ 2500 Control Panel.

PV Solar Panels

Minimum 325+ watt polycrystalline photovoltaic panels.  Dimensions 77" x 39" x 1.6".  Operating in Temperature Range from -40°F to 185°F

Solar Package Includes:

  • 8 Solar Panels
  • High post driven mount 
  • Panel racking system 
  • Solar panel connector cables
  • PicoCell™ 3500 Controller or PicoBlender™ 2500 Control Panel with GFCI motor protection
  • Heavy-Duty motor with corrosion-resistant design. 
  • 1-Piece tapered float for easy installation
  • Two 50 ft mooring lines 
  • Protective Screen
  • Installation Hardware

2-Year Warranty for Motor, 1-Year Warranty for Controller, 10-Year Year for Solar Panels. 

Installation requires two (2) 18 in. diameter x 5 ft deep holes for posts to be backfilled with concrete. Customer must source ground