Collapsible Fish And Skimmer Nets

  • $29.98

Aquascape® Collapsible Fish and Skimmer Net

In areas where many skimmer nets may not be able to reach, the Collapsible Pond Skimmer Net is able to extend from 20 inches to 30 inches in length to get the job done. This collapsible fish pond net includes a quick-latch, telescoping handle that is able to completely fold down for compact storage. The plastic grip and lightweight frame help to maximize maneuverability, and the nylon loop on the handle make it easy to hang.

Choose from two available options:

Aquascape® Collapsible Pond and Fish Net is designed for general maintenance and handling pond fish. The soft, coarse mesh will not damage fish fins and scales during use, providing a safe method of handling pond fish. Tangle-free mesh that glides quickly through the water.  35" handle, 17"x 18" net.

Technical Specifications  

Aquascape® Collapsible Pond Skimmer Net is designed for quick and easy removal of leaves and debris. The soft, white fine mesh makes it easy to collect debris of all sizes.  35" handle, 17" x 18" net.