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Pond Algae Control & Lake Algae Control

The products that you will find on this site have been selected specifically because they work for algae control. With almost 20 years of expierence in the Aquatic Management Industry, we offer the best, name brand, tried and true products. No fancy labels or gimmicks, proven products are all you will find here at The Pond Shop. Identification of your nuisance aquatic plant is the first step in selecting the proper algae control product to control the algae in your lake or pond. Our weed I.D. guide will assist you in properly identifying the weed and algae you are trying to control. Click on the specific weed or algae, and our site will direct you to the proper products used for control.

Weed I.D. guide
Unsure on how much of a particular product you will need? Use the Pond & Lake Calculator to figure out the size of your water body, and size of your treatment area. When calculating the amount of product, use the overall treatment area, in surface acres. Click on the link below.

Pond & Lake Calculator